PlantGUARD is a SaaS-based equipment, machinery and plant compliance, registration and risk management solution. Our powerful, user-friendly platform engages people in efficient and intelligent management processes. PlantGUARD leverages mobile technology connecting centralised processes with those in the field.


PlantGUARD takes the guesswork out of the contractor hiring process by providing hiring companies with detailed visibility into the compliance, capability, availability and history of each piece of plant used by contractors.

Capturing and managing equipment-level data is difficult, especially when considering the complexities and requirements of your supply chain. PlantGUARD closes the information gap between client companies and their contractors by providing a far more granular view of the compliance and incident history of each piece of plant and equipment used by suppliers & contractors.

How it works:

1. Client defines compliance attributes required for specific types of Plant.

2. Suppliers & Contractors load plant, including registration details, safety documentation and other requirements pre-defined by the client

3. Prior to final approval plant can be delegated to an assessor who inspects plant for confirmation of compliance attributes. Assessments can be performed using the PlantGUARD application.

4. Client gives final approval and has visibility into the compliance rating for all plant belonging to suppliers and contractors. Green flagged for work.

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“It supports the registration of portable trolleys that are pushed around carrying a workers tools to landcruisers, trucks and civil plant all fitted with rail guidance wheels.”

Matt Sekulitch – Metro Trains Melbourne

  • Greater visibility over your supply chain.
  • Client defined plant profiles and criteria. Remove administrative burdens.
  • Management in one place. Complete register of plant history. Insights and visibility.
  • Real time plant compliance status.
  • Ability to set Red Flags in the system so alerts are created. A more proactive and less reactive approach to compliance.
  • Cases section for discussion and resolution of plant problems. Efficient and transparent problem resolution.
  • Mobile and remote capabilities for ‘in the field’.
  • Data continuity. Supply chain sustainability.


In today’s world supply chain risk management is more critical than ever. The processes around connecting hiring clients and suppliers is often complex and dependant on specific requirements. With PlantGUARD we minimise this process. Register as a supplier, be pre-qualified and available to be seen across multiple client organisations.

In addition we look to compliment existing supplier plant management systems and provide solutions to enhance daily operations associated with plant.

How it works:

1. A hiring client requests that you join PlantGUARD

2. Register your Plant and submit payment.

3. Complete the pre qualification and compliance process to gain green flag status.

4. Be discoverable to others.

5. In addition to compliance use PlantGUARD to assist your daily functions associated with that plant.

Interested and want to know more?

  • Supplier pre-qualification and regulatory compliance validation per requirements of hiring client.
  • Mobile and remote capabilities to assist your own teams as well as your hiring clients, ‘in the field’.
  • Ability to save documentation with each piece of plant (warranties, instruction manuals, SWMS, compliance certificates). Complete history of that equipment.
  • Ability to add checklists (e.g. pre-starts, service checklists, damage and modification reports) associated with equipment or procedures that are required in the daily operations of your business.
  • Manage services and service schedules. (log dates, set notifications, add notes etc)
  • Communication in one place between hiring clients and suppliers.
  • Gather intelligence/quality data that can be used to better practices, minimise risk, remove liability. Compliment your existing management systems.
  • Get exposure to other hiring clients in our system and our partners. Keep simple, register once.
  • Work with us to build better solutions that help your work flow and practises.


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