Powerful short form branded video application combining mobile and web technology. Automated and easy to manage. Empower employees and engage customers with real time personalised video content on the fly.


We introduce simple solutions for the purpose of communication. We minimise the barriers of entry traditionally associated with introducing video to your business environment.

Streaka is automated and done in an environment where you control all facets of messaging and branding. Videos are watched and shared via your branded landing pages on all devices.

“Video done on the fly; be seen, be heard, keep people informed, be remembered, be referred”

You ask, why consider Streaka Video? Video as you know is the medium of choice these days. We had to find a unique user friendly solution that could be used by anyone without any technical knowledge, not cost or resource heavy and most importantly was adaptable and customisable to your business environment. The outcome has been a solution where the barriers to entry are minimal, we literally can have your business up and running in hours, communicating from your own personalised and branded video platform.

We value one-to-one customer service & communication. Our point of difference is we have developed a video solution specific for this purpose. The value lies in the aggregate effect of doing this time and time again, be seen as a good communicator. You are the brand that your customers and clients are investing in.

“Human nature dictates that when you give someone personal time, good information and content of value, you will be rewarded for your efforts. They will talk about you, recommend you and you will get referral business”


Real Estate Agents & Property Management
Video communication to potential buyers, sellers & landlords.

Financial Advisors
Updating & informing investors of current markets and opportunities.

Car Dealerships
Communication and relationship building in Sales,Customer Service and Support

  • Personable
  • Simple
  • Automated
  • Mobile
  • Branded
  • Controlled
  • Adaptable
  • Fast
  • Cost Effective
  • Plus More…


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