Streaka has evolved as a collection of busy minds that love problem solving processes. When presented with problems or opportunities for change, our very nature is to become completely engaged, compelled to develop a better path forward.


Streaka partners with business and industry leaders, to build teams dedicated toward transforming arduous and ineffective processes into streamlined, intelligence gathering functions. 

Combining cutting edge mobile, web and database technologies we build utility orientated applications for industry. 

Our willingness and ability to empathise with end users enables us to translate technical requirements into applications with high usability regardless of an individual’s technical ability. 

Our database systems expertise and advanced data collection methods ensures that data is of high quality and easily manipulated to drive better business decisions now and in the future.


A love of getting active in the great outdoors is another common thread among our team, always looking to test ourselves with new challenges in new environment. Applying this adventurous spirit to the work we do has certainly made for an epic and fun journey since our 2009 beginnings.


We are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. All with a strong sense of family that extends well beyond traditional notions of family and into our community. We care deeply about how the solutions we create affect the daily life of users and so understand the importance of continual iteration toward ever higher satisfaction.


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